Daily Affirmations Full Kit


The Underbelly x Papers and Ink Studio

We are beyond excited to collaborate with The Underbelly, an inclusive wellness community and streaming app co-founded by Jessamyn Stanley.

This collaboration is perfect because we all are passionate about embracing authenticity and self-awareness, and fostering a safe, accepting and welcoming space for wellness on everyone’s own terms.

Their mantra is “be well, your way,” and that’s what we want everyone – whether you are currently a part of their Bellies community or not – to do.

We’ve collaborated to create 3 different beautiful kits.

Daily Affirmations: A surprise mix pack of 6 affirmations. Roll one and breathe in all the self-love. Certainly a necessary ritual of your day. Kits contain a variety of affirmations:

----You are worthy of love
----You are enough
----You are limitless
----You are powerful
----Take up space
----Your voice is needed