Dohbro Readers

By Caddis


It could’ve been a train wreck. Or it could’ve been fine, but failed to transcend “two performances in one piece.” Dohbro is an interplay of traditional aesthetic and edgier-than-average geometry. And the sum is hall-of-fame greatness.

A premium hard coating protects lenses, increasing durability and minimizing scratches.
Lenses include a high-performance water, dirt, and grease-repellent coating for easy maintenance and superior optics.
Premium, bio-based acetate frame with 5-barrel industrial hinges.

Classic style, medium fit
A round frame shape ideal for square, heart, and oval faces

Frame Width - 142 MM
Bridge Width - 22 MM
Lens Height - (does not include frame) - 44 MM
Lens Width - (does not include frame) - 49 MM